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We are top tier trial attorneys, experienced in handling all types of commercial litigation from single-party claims to the management and coordination of multi-party, high exposure matters. We handle a wide variety of complex commercial litigation and arbitration in federal, state, and bankruptcy courts and tribunals throughout the U.S.


While each attorney at Shumener, Odson & Oh LLP is an experienced litigator, in many situations our clients’ interests can be best served through an effective work-out and settlement. The attorneys at Shumener, Odson & Oh LLP are seasoned negotiators that will help protect and further your interests while finding an effective resolution to the dispute.

With Shumener, Odson & Oh LLP in your corner, you have the knowledge and experience of senior attorneys that have helped favorably resolve hundreds of cases with over $1 billion of assets at stake.

Real property is considered “unique” property under the law. So too are the unique procedures, claims and remedies used to enforce real property rights. Since their practice began at large national firms, each attorney at Shumener, Odson & Oh LLP has made real property litigation their specialty.

Shumener, Odson & Oh LLP 

dedicated and experienced litigators

Notable Published Decisions

Haneline Pacific Properties, LLC v. May, 167 Cal. App. 4th 311 (2008)

In representing a purchaser of 50 percent interest in land, Betty M. Shumener, Henry H. Oh and John D. Spurling’s successfully argued

for the Court of Appeal to reverse the trial court’s order granting motion to strike suit as strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP).

Henry H. Oh was one of the lead attorneys and argued before the Supreme Court of the State of Washington. Mr. Oh’s argument led to the successful reversal of an opinion of the Court of Appeals of the State of Washington reverting the land use designation of client’s property from “urban” to “agricultural.”

The California Court of Appeal affirmed a $1 million attachment based upon Robert J. Odson and John D. Spurling’s briefing

and oral arguments. Their arguments lead to the Court of Appeal establishing standards for attachment while a matter is pending in arbitration.

Clark County v. Western Washington Growth Management Hearing Bd., 177 Wash. 2d 136, 298 P.3d 704 (2013)

California Retail Portfolio Fund GmbH & Co. v. Hopkins Real Estate Group, 193 Cal. App. 4th 849 (2011)

Meet The Attorneys


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